As a photographer I have this ”session bucket list” of things I want to try and do. One of them has always been having a semi-dressed up couple floating in the water together. Another one is doing a session in the rain. I knocked two out with this shoot! I photographed Nicole and Dustin’s wedding about 4 1/2 years ago and I asked them if they would be interested in doing this session with me. I was so excited when they said they would love to! They were perfect sports and didn’t mind going into the cold water and getting soaked. The session ended with a HUGE downpour and I didn’t have an umbrella. I did a few pictures and then I was scared my gear would be ruined so we tucked it away and hiked our way back through the greenbelt in the pouring down¬†rain. Thanks so much for doing this with me Nicole & Dustin! Also a HUGE thank you to Raven at Red Stella for doing Nicole’s hair and makeup!! You’re the best!¬†blog-1blog-2blog-3blog-4blog-5blog-6blog-7blog-8blog-9blog-10blog-11blog-12blog-13blog-14blog-15blog-16blog-17blog-18blog-19blog-20blog-21blog-22blog-23blog-24blog-25blog-26blog-27blog-28blog-29blog-30blog-31blog-32blog-33blog-34blog-35blog-36blog-37blog-38blog-39blog-40blog-41blog-42blog-43blog-44blog-45blog-46blog-47blog-48blog-49blog-50blog-51blog-52blog-53blog-54blog-55blog-56blog-57blog-58blog-59blog-60blog-61blog-62blog-63blog-64blog-65blog-66blog-67blog-68blog-69blog-70blog-71blog-72blog-73blog-74blog-75blog-76blog-77blog-78blog-79blog-80blog-81blog-82blog-83blog-84blog-85blog-86blog-87blog-88blog-89blog-90